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A Golden Age?

The team

Research team


Jan Blanc

Project leader

is full professor in Art History of the early modern period and dean of the Faculty of Humanities of the Université de Genève. He is a specialist on the connection between artistic theory and practice in the Dutch Republic and has worked on Samuel van Hoogstraten, Rembrandt van Rijn and Johannes Vermeer in particular. A central theme in his research is the way in which seventeenth-century art works do not so much reproduce or reflect ‘reality’ but rather produce credible and necessary fictions.


Léonie Marquaille

Postdoctoral researcher

specialized, ever since her master at the École du Louvre, on the arts of the Dutch Republic. She defended her dissertation Peindre pour les milieux catholiques dans les Pays-Bas du Nord au XVIIe siècle, supervised by Jan Blanc (Université de Genève) and Marianne Cojannot-Le Blanc (Université de Paris Ouest Nanterre), in November 2015 (summa cum laude). Since September 2016, she works as associate professor at the Université de Lausanne. Her current research focuses on the decoration of the Oranjezaal in Huis ten Bosch, painted on command of Amalia van Solms after the death of her husband Frederik Hendrik, Prince of Orange.


Marije Osnabrugge

Postdoctoral researcher

Her main research focus is the mobility and migration of artists in the early modern period. She obtained her BA and MPhil degree in Art History at Utrecht University (both cum laude). Her PhD research at the University of Amsterdam (2010-2015) was on the social and artistic integration of Netherlandish painters in early modern Naples. Between 2015 and 2017, she was a postdoc at the University of Montpellier III in the ERC-funded project "LexArt" on the dissemination of art terminology.


Susanne Bartels

PhD candidate

specializes in artistic exchange, migration and mobility of artists, and the social and economic circumstances in which art was created and collected in the early modern period. After receiving her BA and Research MA in Art History at Leiden University, Susanne worked as a documentalist at the Netherlands Institute for Art History (RKD), and as a graduate trainee at the Fondation Custodia (Collection Frits Lugt).

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Angela Jager

Postdoctoral research

specializes in the arts and the art market of the Dutch Republic. Funded by a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship (2017-2019), she, as a postdoctoral researcher at the Centre for Art Technological Studies and Conservation (CATS), at the Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen, studied a private collection of hundreds of undocumented Dutch and Flemish paintings. Jager has published articles in Oud Holland and JHNA, and with the latter won the ARIAH Online Publishing Prize 2016. She co-edited the CATS Proceedings Trading paintings and painters’ materials 1550-1800 and Ground layers in European painting 1550-1750 (Archetype, 2018/2020). In November 2020, her 2016 PhD thesis entitled The Mass Market for History Paintings in Seventeenth-Century Amsterdam: Production, Distribution, and Consumption (University of Amsterdam) appears at Amsterdam University Press. Her research interests include the international art trade, contemporary ownership of paintings, and the interpretation of source material on artists and their clients.


Lucie Rochard

PhD candidate

has been focusing since her masters dissertation on notions of cleanliness and dirtiness in Netherlandish genre painting. After receiving her masters degree at Sorbonne-Université, she has started a PhD at the Universities of Geneva and Lille. She is currently working as assistant researcher for the Visiting the Golden Age database associated with the project.


Léonard Pouy (2017-2019)

Associated postdoctoral researcher

received his PhD in Art History from the Université de Paris-Sorbonne and the Université de Genève. He is a specialist in Dutch genre painting and defended his dissertation on the development and reception of the ‘cortegaardje’ theme in the seventeenth-century Netherlands in 2017 (supervisors: Alain Mérot & Jan Blanc). As a former research and teaching fellow of the Institut National d’Histoire de l’Art, he published Le Tableau vivant ou l'image performée (Mare&Martin, 2014) together with Julie Ramos. He currently teaches early modern art history at the Université d’Aix-Marseille.


Leïla Thomas (2017-2019)

Assistant student

is a MA student in Art History and English Literature, currently in her last  year. In the summer of 2017, she participated in a Summer School on the art market of the Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London.


A great team of students has supported our various activities


Léa Eigenmann


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Clara May


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