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os 75-332 (Margareta Svensson 2014) zond

The Contribution of Artistic Genres to the Construction of the Dutch Golden Age

second project conference 

Un siècle d'Or? Repenser la peinture hollandaise du XVIIe siècle - Université de Genève


Susanne Bartels, Jan Blanc, Léonie Marquaille, Marije Osnabrugge, Léonard Pouy

Haarlem, Frans Halsmuseum, 6 & 7 June 2019

Register before May 30th:  

(limited seats, participation and lunch free after registration, but museum ticket must be purchased) 

Conference Programme


Day 1 : JUNE 6, 2019

09:00  registration and coffee

09:15   welcome



Session I : Introduction to Artistic Genres (chair: Elmer Kolfin)

09:30   Jan BLANC (University of Geneva) : On artistic genres in the seventeenth-century Dutch Republic: definitions, taxinomies, hierarchies

09:50   Weixuan LI (University of Amsterdam / Huygens-ING Institute, The Hague) : Comprehending the concepts of genre and specialization in the eyes of seventeenth-century connoisseurs: a digital approach


10:10   Tijana ZAKULA (University of Utrecht) : From genre scenes à l’antique to genre sérieux: the contribution of Gerard de Lairesse


10:30   discussion


11:00   coffee break



Session II : Artistic Genres and the Artist (chair : Léonard Pouy)

11:30   Susanne BARTELS (University of Geneva / RKD, The Hague) : Guns and roses: versatility and fluidity in the oeuvre of Jacques de Gheyn

11:50   Edwin BUIJSEN (Mauritshuis / RKD, The Hague) : From all-rounder to 'niche genre' painter: the artistic development of Adriaen van de Venne

12:10   discussion


12:40   Introduction to the permanent collection of the Frans Halsmuseum by Marrigje Rikken (Head of Collections Frans Halsmuseum)

12.50   lunch



Session III : Artistic Genres and Society I (chair : Angela Jager)

14:30   Norbert MIDDELKOOP (Amsterdam Museum, Amsterdam) : The corporate group portrait and the notion of genre

14:50   Léonard POUY (Sorbonne University, Paris / University of Geneva) : The Guardroom Scene as Self-Representation

15:10   Tabea SCHINDLER (University of Bern) : The Development of Oriental Tronies by the      Rembrandt Circle and its Role in the Construction of the Dutch Golden Age

15:30   discussion


16:00   museum visit



Day 2 : June 7, 2019

Session IV : Artistic Genres and Society II (chair : Marije Osnabrugge)

9:15     V.E. MANDRIJ (University of Konstanz) : Otto Marseus van Schrieck and the sottobosco paintings: a hybrid genre depicting another Dutch Golden Age

9:35     Jessie Wei-Hsuan CHEN (University of Utrecht) : Picturing Flowers as a Genre: Constructing the Culture of Collecting Nature in the Dutch Golden Age

9:55     discussion


10:30   coffee break



Session V : Artistic Genres : The Bambocciata (chair : Susanne Bartels)


11:00   Suzanne BAVEREZ (ENS ULM/EPHE, Paris) : The Bambocciata: investigating a "would-be genre"

11:20   Jennifer RABE (University of Bern) : “Soggetti vili, popolari”: Bambocciata as a Fatal Genre

11:40   discussion


12:10   lunch


 Session VI : Hybridity (chair : Marije Osnabrugge)

13:50   Helen HILLYARD (Dulwich Picture Gallery) : The Hybrid Genre: Pieter Saenredam's 'Perspectives'

14:10   Carole FONTICELLI (Sorbonne University, Paris) : Woman, saint, example and allegory: the different faces of Mary Magdalene in seventeenth-century Dutch painting


14:30  discussion


15:00  coffee break



Session VII : Affects and Effects (chair : Jan Blanc)

15:20   Lizzie MARX (University of Cambridge / Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam) : Smelling the Dutch Golden Age Through Artistic Genres

15:40   Stephanie DICKEY (Queen’s University, Kingston) : The Iconography of Pain in the Work of Rembrandt and his Contemporaries: A Case Study in the Fluidity of Genre Categories


16:00   discussion


16:30   general discussion



17:00   End of the conference / Drinks

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